Reprogramming the City inspires people and cities to do more with what they already have. Now you have a chance to...


Our newsletter is an inspiring collection of ways for you discover the best projects, ideas, and events taking place in repurposing and reprogramming the city's surfaces, systems and structures, and to keep up with Reprogramming the City activity around the world.

Reprogramming Roundup Newsletter
Curated by Urban Strategist and Reprogramming the City founder Scott Burnham, Reprogramming Roundup is a hand-picked selection of projects and initiatives happening in cities around the world that show resourceful ways to do more with what already exists in the city.

Reprogramming The City Events, Publications, Announcements
Reprogramming the City has become a hive of activity, from workshops to exhibitions, public projects to publications. Subscribe to the RTC Activity list to keep in touch with RTC activity and be among the first to have access to new RTC offerings. 

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